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Yokel — Grockle Vision 12" Vinyl

Yokel — Grockle Vision 12" Vinyl

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After a year following the first release from dj_2button, Dummy Hand presents its second transmission coming from Yokel via the Bristol swamps.

In a world saturated with ‘head honchos’, ‘if-you-know-you-know’s’ and a slew of other trite remarks used to stroke fragile egos, we’re instead presenting an artist who is truly deserving of recognition. An artist who sits behind the scenes, makes music and does his thing day in day out without the need for cascades of attention.

The man behind Bristol industrial experimental label Plaque as well as long time Avon Terror Corps affiliate and much loved NOODS family resident — Yokel has earnt staple status amongst discerning listeners as a DJ as well as a production powerhouse, much of which is yet to see the light of day, but those in close contact with the Yokel enigma can vouch for the vast archival credentials.

The record features 6 tracks of industrial laced beats produced with old style intention yet infused with modern information and technique. The music sits in its own world, pinned down by drum programming prowess and carried by razor sharp basslines, all crunched up with a detailed amount of noise fit to freak out and excite the most misanthropic of ears. Listen to the music and do less talking.
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